About Masterdon

Masterdon Swiftlets Resources Singapore was founded in 1986 and was incorporated as a private limited company in February 2009. The founder Mr. Eric Tan with his rich experience in the Bird’s Nest industry has led Masterdon to become a leading supplier of Bird’s Nest with full control of its supply chain from raw materials to finished products.

Masterdon Swiftlets Resources Private Limited owns many bird houses in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. The Group also own Bird’s Nest processing factories situated at strategic locations in Indonesia to minimize any disruption that could affect the stability and flow of the business. Our workforce in these factories number over a thousand and the implementation of strict monitoring and quality control systems ensure that products are delivered to our customers at its finest.

As a key player in the industry, Masterdon started off as a main distributor of raw materials and still remains as one of the leading suppliers in the market for well-known brands with an exceptional track record for reliability, high quality and excellent integrity amongst customers.

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